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The one who follows instruction is on the path to life, but the one who rejects correction goes astray. (Proverbs 10:17)

One of the greatest pleasures of being a follower of Christ is the opportunity to witness to and be a part of leading another person into a loving relationship with Jesus. To be a successful witness takes discipline on our part; we must follow God’s instruction. As a Christian, we can be viewed as a faithful follower or a hypocrite. When we live our life according to God’s instruction, we become a wholesome influence and positive example for others. On the other hand, when we reject Christ’s teachings, we will go astray and in turn, cause others to do the same. Others are watching you, do you want to be a favorable or unfavorable influence?

The truth is, choosing a life filled with integrity, honest work, purity, and common sense will lead to a life that will be pleasing to both God and us. Living a life guided by foolishness, laziness, unfaithfulness, and sin only leads to a disappointing and sorrowfilled outcome.  The choice is yours … whom will you live for today?

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